Special Stages

The Special Stages will take place in the Big Top on our EJC 2015 site and will be shown twice – at 18:00h and 21:00h. We will add information about what awaits you within the next days/weeks.

Saturday August 1st: Matthias Romir – Life is Short Stories

Matthias Romir_01

© Anatoli Akerman

Matthias Romir has been creating short pieces somewhere in between Juggling, Object Theatre, Clowning and Video Art for the last 20 years. At one point he realised, that many of his works have an inner connection, without ever having planned that. All these little stories come together in one big one, Romir’s first full lenght show. An 80 minute avalanche of images and emotions shows all the variety of his work.

Life is Short Stories is a collection of visual anecdotes about the very normal insanity of everyday life. The stories are sometimes concrete, sometimes abstract, sometimes loud and sometimes quiet, sometimes funny and sometimes sad. Without using words, the artist deals with the sorrows, fears and hopes of a man who is trying to free himself from his constraints and in the same time looking for support and safety.
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Monday August 3rd: Flaque – Cie Defracto

Représentation du spectacle Flaque

© Pierre Morel

1 hour

There will be some juggling.
There will be slackness.
There will be puddles.
There won’t be any animal tortured, or banana spoiled, but there will be coffee, drops, and a procession for the last hours of queen Cleopatra.What can we show that is not already visible on YouTube ?

Flaque is a show in situ and non determinist that goes beyonds limits drawn by tape.

With and by: David Maillard, Eric Longequel, Guillaume Martinet.
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