Lost & Found

Thanks to all of you for this great EJC. There is one serious topic: Lost&Found at a convention is not a self-service store. There were many items where we know the people are waiting for them and we know they have been in Lost&Found at the infopoint. So if you find something in your luggage that does not belong to you, write us an e-mail: lost@ejc2015.org

We already put a lot of work into this event to make EJC 2015 happen. Now we’re still putting in a lot of work to get everything sorted out and cleaned up. So be fair and give things back that do not belong to you.

We know that there were at least two club package from Henry that are not there anymore and a Quechua tent.

Do you miss something you have lost at EJC? Contact us at lost@ejc2015.org, we’ll try to find it and send it back to you.