From 2.8. to 7.8. extraordinary and innovative companies are performing at four spots in the Inner City of Bruneck (just a ten minutes walk from the EJC site). This will be the busking part of EJC 2015 for public and jugglers: So come and watch the incomparable interaction between the artists and the audience, experience the great sense of immediacy.

About busking: Artists do not receive a fixed fee for their performances! The interaction with the audience is essential to street art. This also includes to show your appreciation not just with applause. If you liked the performances, we kindly ask you to reward the abilities of the extraordinary artists appropriately!

Streetshow-spots in the City

Map Streetshow Spots

Program & Artists Sunday-Tuesday

Les Trois Culottes (Netherlands/Germany/Belgium): Trapeze show

Circuscentrum - Toonmoment Passe-PiedsThese three chicas play with the expectations of female behavior, while showing some real girl power with their aerial and acrobatic skills. So ladies: take care of your guys. These women are wild and dangerous!
Sun, 2.8.: 18.00h, Spot 1
Mon, 3.8.: 16.00h and 18.00h, Spot 1
Tue, 4.8.: 16.00h and 18.00h, Spot 1


Mac Fly Compagny (France): Bernique

macflyTwo bodies, two heads, four hands and four slippers…
 Mac Fly Compagny invite you to enter their everyday life. 
Isabelle du Bois and Sylvain Pascal play with bodies in movement, juggling of clubs and articles of daily use.
Sun, 2.8.: 18.00h, Spot 3
Mon, 3.8.: 16.30h and 18.30h, Spot 3
Tue, 4.8.: 16.30h and 18.30h, Spot 3


Andrea Farnetani (Italy): “TRICK-NIC”

andreafranetani… is a pic-nic full of tricks. Balls, newspapers, cups, spoons, eggs, etc. come to life and become the pretext and an opportunity to arouse amusement and amazement, create poetic and surreal moments.
Sun, 2.8.: 18.00h, Spot 2
Mon, 3.8.: 16.00h, Spot 2, 17.30h, Spot 3
Tue, 4.8.: 17.00h, Spot 1, 18.30h, Spot 2


La Sbrimdola (Italy): shock’em all

lasbrimdolaA drummer and a juggler: a strenuous and incredible musical-rhythmical exploration on the one hand; an expressive, corporeal and quirky juggling on the other. The combination of these skills resulted in a street show endowed with unbelievable energy and unpredictable delirium. What’s gonna happen?
Sun, 2.8.: 18.00h, Spot 4
Mon, 3.8.: 17.00h, Spot 1, 18.30h, Spot 2
Tue, 4.8.: 16.00h, 2, 17.30h, Spot 3


Program & Artists Wednesday-Friday

Cie Balltazar (Belgium): Balls of Balltazar

balltazarA humorous circus show about two East European Gypsies who came to West Europe. In 35 minutes funny situations interlace with impressive circus and life extracts from Balltazar and Paco. Juggling, slack rope, ladder, magic and live music.
Wed, 5.8.: 17.00h, Spot 1, 18.30h Spot 4
Thu, 6.8.: 16.30h, Spot 2, 18.30h, Spot 4
Fri, 7.8.: 16.00h, Spot 1, 17.30h and 19.30h Spot 4


Circolabile (Italy): “O like… Peanut”

circolabileIn “O like… Peanut”, Stoppino presents a succession of pataphysical demonstrations. Poet of the invisible, he amazes with simple, but never before seen things. Whether the everyday juggler or the peanuts seller, he becomes a sensitive architect that builds an ironic vision of the ordinary and of human nature.
Wed, 5.8.: 16.30h and 18.30h, Spot 3
Thu, 6.8.: 16.30h and 18.30h, Spot 3
Fri, 7.8.: 16.30h, 18.30h and 20.30h, Spot 3


Compagnie Contact (Great Britain/Slovakia): Contactjugglung and dance

cie_contactZus and Oli perform a feel-good street show with juggling, contact and dance. Just come, watch and enjoy the joyful playing with crystal balls, hoop, juggling balls and the body.
Wed, 5.8.: 17.00h, Spot 4, 18.30h, Spot 2
Thu, 6.8.: 17.00h, Spot 4
Fri, 7.8.: 17.30h and 19.30h Spot 3, 20.30h, Spot 2


Goma (Argentina): the atari show

gomaGoma transforms ordinary situations into unbelievably funny comedy. Using music loops from famous movies and cartoons, he interacts with everything around him. The show is a fusion of high class modern juggling skills, physical comedy and improvisation with the purpose of joy and reflection about everyday life.
Wed, 5.8.: 16.30h, Spot 2, 18.00h, Spot 1
Thu, 6.8.: 16.00h, Spot 4, 17.30h, Spot 3
Fri, 7.8.: 16.30h, Spot 2, 18.30h, Spot 4, 21.00h, Spot 2


Lucas Vit (Poland): Juggling meets Beatbox

lukasvitRemarkable juggling skills are combined with beatbox and magic. So a show full of twists arises paired with a large dose of good humor and special effects.
Wed, 5.8.: 16.00h, Spot 4, 17.30h, Spot 2
Thu, 6.8.: 17.30h, Spot 2
Fri, 7.8.: 16.00h, Spot 4, 17.30h, Spot 2, 19.30h, Spot 2


Mike Rollins (USA): It’s Not My Fault

DSC_1396Mike’s multi-award winning street theatre and circus show pulls audiences into his surreal cartoon-like universe where mime and clown meet, resulting in a visual encounter that whacks the viewer in the funny bone. Through the combination of fast paced verbal and physical comedy, atypical juggling and the creative manipulation of two ordinary pink pool noodles, Mike leads his spectators on a journey through the absurd.
Wed, 5.8.: 16.00h, Spot 1, 17.30h, Spot 3
Thu, 6.8.: 18.30h, Spot 2
Fri, 7.8.: 17.00h, Spot 1, 18.30h, Spot 2, 21.00h, Spot 4